Cutting Machine Chipper Power Tools

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Product origin: Weifang, Shandong, China
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US$ 890 ~ 980

GS120Pro can easily slices up branches with a thickness of up to 15cm.
GS120Pro drum wood chipper with 350mm diameter cutter roller with 2pcs fly blades.
GS120Pro we usually install a 19.5hp/ 500cc gasoline engin, powerful motor for wood chipper.

It has an integrated chassis with a pendulum shaft and air-filled (pneumatic) tires
that lead to easy repositioning of the chipper, even on rough terrain.

It is also equipped with a large feed hopper, which leads to simple and practical operation of the chip cutter.
GS120Pro is able to chip up even more difficult and tougher material than other models,
thanks to the 19.5hp engine power reinforced, professional duplex cutting head,
which increases the retraction force considerably.

The outlet chute and the outlet flap are both adjustable.
The cutting head can be easily cleaned by folding the feed funnel and outlet funnel to the side.
Fresh wood without foliage is recommended to achieve maximum capacity.

Requires assembly, sent in a wooden box.

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