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Chemical Cabinet Metal Furniture Medical Furniture Other Furniture

Laboratories are designed to maintain the health and well-being of occupants. Potentially hazardous substances used in different laboratories include chemicals, radioactive materials and infectious biological agents. Laboratory safety has to be balanced with worker comfort. Comfort primarily is concerned with maintaining appropriate temperatures and air velocities. Laboratories must be designed so that energy efficiency gains do not reduce safety and comfort.

Plan Thoughtfully
Before you begin, get educated about the process. You need to know:
•  The needs and expectations of functional group managers and other internal team members.
•  The expertise and capabilites of your external team, including architects, engineers, CM, contractors, and lab planners.
•  Your actual, current needs for space, processes, support areas, and materials storage. Plans made on assumptions mean that you could make costly mistakes. Plans made on projected growth can get expensive very quickly, as you add HVAC, power, data, and work space that you may not need for years to come. And the fact is that most well-planned labs can easily accommodate change when needed.

Keep Your Layout Simple
•  Minimize or eliminate walls between functions.
•  Organize functional groups in shared space. It's cheaper to build now, and is more flexible later.
•  Use islands and peninsulas to maximize your usable space. Putting benches only around the perimeter wastes as much as 75% of your square footage.

Don't Overbuild
•  Build for your current needs, especially for power and ventilation.
•  Plan separate storage for bulk supplies.
•  Consider shared specialty gasses and data systems.

Full steel structure lab table lab bench (Durable, nice, with anti-corrosion, rust, moisture and other functions)
Steel using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, through a die forming, the plate cutting, slotted, bending process, all welding cases of grinding and polishing processing, smooth not hurting hands. Surface after picking, phosphating and epoxy resin powder coating, with anti-corrosion, antirust and moisture-proof function.

Phenolic resin
Surfaces made of cost effective High Pressure Phenolic Resin composite are resistant to chemical stain and corrosion.  Non-porous and non-conductive, it's strong durable qualities enable it to withstand high impact and shock.  It is easily cleaned with soap and warm water.


All Steel structure lab bench table - Floor mounted type
Base cabinet1.0mm thick cold-rolled steel with 75μm epoxy resin powder coating, most chemical resistant.
Reagent shelvesShelf: made of 12mm thick frosted glass; Frame: made of 100*40*1.5mm steel tube coated with powders.
Height850 or 900mm, (height adjustable 0-30mm) 
Worktops12.7/16/19mm thickness of Phenolic resin or other (Epoxy resin, ceramic, marble etc)
StructureFloor mounted (with base cabinet)
HingeDTC105 degree high quality hinge
SlidewaySelf-closing three section slide rail, no noise.
HandleSteel embedded handle
PegboardPegboards can be ordered in a variety of materials and are used to dry glassware and other lab items.
AccessoriesSocket, faucet, gas fitting, eyewash, pegboard, shelves, exhaust hood etc

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